Announcing: Thomas Laura

Baby Tugboat Here we have placed pictures and reports following baby's arrival at the Ling Ranch V in Sequatchie County, Tennessee, pending eventual departure for tropical oceans aboard Possible Mallard II, our yet-to-be-purchased luxury sailboat.

After all, with global warming, those tropical oceans may not be as far away as you think. Or maybe Laura will grow up to be the one who fixes those kinds of problems. You never know.

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ALERT! Finally, some new photos for all the Laura fans out there! If you have RealPlayer installed, see also the Laura Birth Video! Laura is growing up, yes she is!

Laura Comes Home!
Laura Catherine Ling, aged one and half days, arrived home at 2:15 PM on Wednesday, July 7. She met the kitty cats, nursed several meals, spit up on her new blanket, and generally had a fine time. She seems glad to be home.
We'll probably get many more pictures up here in the days ahead. Laura is truly amazing! She can lift her head, yawn, and wave her arms in a meaningless fashion. She's a talented girl, yes she is!
Annie is taking four months off from work (Rodger is taking a couple of weeks). Sorry, kitty cats, Laura is now our first priority, now, always, and forever.

Laura's Picture of the Day
Laura and Annie on the sofa.
Saturday, July 17
This was the last Picture of the Day before Rodger had to go back to work. Don't forget to check out the official Women's East photo.

Saturday, July 17: Dottie visited again today and brought Laura and Rodger a great present: three little boats (of the sailing variety, of course). Rodger spent the whole day at the Flight Park. Bad dad!

Previous Pictures of the Day
It has come to my attention that I don't seem to know what day it is. All I can say is that when you meet Laura, you realize how unimportant such distinctions are. Laura has no concept of days, dates, or time. Call her idealistic, but she lives for now.

Laura over Annie's shoulder
Wednesday, July 7
Laura opens her mouth!
Thursday, July 8
Laura's Little Hand
Friday, July 9
Laura on the bed!
Saturday, July 10

Sunday, July 11
Laura's little face
Monday, July 12
At the water garden.
Tuesday, July 13
Laura Swings!
Wednesday, July 14
Annie, Laura, and Rodger
Thursday, July 15
Dottie and Laura
Friday, July 16


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