She is the Perfect Little Girl She is generous in her affections. She has never said an unkind word about anyone. She has a funny laugh, and eyes that are going to be either blue or brown or hazel. When she takes a bath, she splashes a lot, because she knows that she is the perfect girl.

Laura As Seen on Our Desk

Often when I go into her room in the morning, she will be awake, eyes open, waiting for me. She sees me through the dim light. She smiles. I am as happy at that moment as I have ever been, or will ever be.
Laura drinks from a cup! "You know, nobody makes a better cup of coffee than my Mommy." Laura and her Wiggly-Giggly! Mommy and Daddy think this is just a toy. Actually, it's a cybernetic coconut from the year 2072.

Laura and her Dad.
My silly Dad tries to imitate cats, dogs, cows, ducks, even something he calls a "goat-cow."

Laura in the swing! A Perfect World
Laura lives in a perfect world filled with warmth and love. She is held and fed and given attention and playthings. She is always safe. At least one of us has never been more than a few footsteps away from the moment she was born. There is no sickness or evil in her world, no reason ever to be frightened. Every person and every animal is her friend. Every day brings new growth and discovery, all without end or limits.
TAB The real world will come soon enough. In the meantime, Laura's world is the place to be.

Laura and Jonathan Make Friends
Here, Laura executes a perfect "foot bow" while simultaneously offering her fingers to her friend Jonathan's mouth. In baby diplomacy, both motions are considered a sign of respect and friendship.
Laura and her Mom When either the child or the parent begins to look like a Zombie, it's probably time for bed.

Laura Gets a Diaper Change! The Whole Family.
Was there life before this love? I can hardly imagine what Annie and I did with ourselves before Laura, or why.

New! The following videos require a late-model version of RealPlayer. These are full Hollywood productions, so be prepared for a bit of download time.
  • Hot off the camera! Laura walks for the second or third time ever! Filmed in an Atlanta hotel room, just like the big time. Color, March 22, 2000. 160KB.
  • Laura Wrecks the Tower. Laura uses her patented "scoot" method to approach a most excellent tower of blocks built by her father. Then, with lightning speed, she demolishes the beautiful tower. Atlanta, Georgia, March 22, 2000, 157KB.
  • Remixed and Remastered! The Director's Cut of Laura's Birth! Laura opens her eyes and looks at the world for the first time. Color, July 1999, 439KB. Sadly, one of the last birth videos allowed at Women's East Pavilion (hospital lawyers are afraid some Mom and Dad might capture a staff mistake on tape for everyone to see).
  • Laura Crawls! Color, February 2000, 217KB. Sure, she had scooted plenty before, but this time there was no doubt: She was officially crawling.
  • The critics said she would fall right over, but watch Laura prove them wrong in the classic tale of Girl vs. Gravity, Laura Stands! Color, February 2000, 209KB.
  • See Laura Comb Her Hair just before bedtime. Color, February 2000, 257KB.
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Remember: You can't spoil a baby. I am not making that up. I read it in a book.