1993 Gulfstream Ultra 26 Foot Class C RV

Many people had asked for more photos so I quickly snapped a few more (lucky thing my wife had a birthday and got a new digital camera).

Exterior Starboard

I guess you'd call this first one an "establishing shot." You won't fool anybody into thinking you've got a brand new ride, but for a ten-year-old vehicle she looks pretty good.

Looking back from driver's seat

This photo is looking back from the vantage point of the rear view mirror in the cab. We had just come back from a weekend trip and the dinette table is down in the sleeping position because (just for fun) I had slept there the night before rather than in my usual bunk up front. Notice the carpet runner on the floor. This definitely makes cleanup easier.

Rear Bed

I really need a wide-angle lens to capture the rear bedroom, so this is the best shot I've got of the bed. My wife, my five year daughter, and I have all slept through the night there, but they usually retire long before I do so I end up in the front bunk so I don't disturb them.

Front Bunk

The front bunk is a full eight feet across and easily sleeps two people. In keeping with my vow of absolute honesty, you can see a bit of repair work on the ceiling near the corner. There was a soft spot in the ceiling (check for these when you look at any RV!) which I fixed by injecting epoxy from below. It's solid now but I didn't get the pressure right and the ceiling isn't as smooth as it should be.

Looking back from TV

This shot is looking back from above the passenger seat up front. Guys, if that rear wall is just a little too pink for you, rest assured that it's just wallpaper, and wallpaper can be changed.

TV/VCR under Reading Chair

This is my reading chair, with the TV and VCR above. We recently added a little DVD player to the setup, although it's not really mounted anywhere (you can see a bit of it sitting there on the front bunk). Note that your passengers can watch TV (broadcast, VHS, or DVD) while underway thanks to an inverter.

Don't make me look fat!

This angle makes our sweet camper look like she's had too many sweets.


Ah, the roof. Although it looks quite unexceptional here, I'm really quite proud of all that new EPDM rubber. You can do a whole lot worse, believe me.

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