Reflection, by Steven M. Brown


If I must lose part of my vision - let me continue to see blue.
If I must lose part of my hearing - let me still hear the sound of breaking waves.
If my taste must diminish - let the taste of salt air stay with me.
If I can only touch one thing - let it be the warm sand beneath my feet.
If my sense of smell is diminished by age - let the smell of the open sea continue to fill my lungs.

If these things are taken from me - let me go!
Let me go to the blue skies.
Let me go to be washed ashore on the warm beach sands.
Let me go to fill the lungs of the souls of all those who still have senses to enjoy.
Just let me go!

This was written while at anchor in the Berry Islands in the Bahamas. I was lying alone in the cockpit staring at a beautiful sky and floating on a crystal clear bed of sea when these words ripped through my mind. I have never before had such an experience. These words pulled at every fiber of my being as they flooded my mind. I knew I had to get them written down but the words raced through my mind faster than I could write. The whole experience from beginning to end took only minutes to complete. Once finished I could not read it without becoming emotional. Maybe some day I will understand.

Steven M. Brown, 2003

Title Photo: Steve and Cindy have this amazing poem framed in their home in Punta Gorda, and the picture looks fabulous. When I asked Steve if I could have a copy of the poem, he sent me the picture, but it converted poorly when I pasted it into my photo editor. However, I kind of liked the effect, so I will leave it as it stands here, with apologies to the photographer.

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