When we left Tennessee, I was fairly confident we would reach the Bahamas, but I had no idea if we would get any further. I bought charts as far south as the British Virgin Islands; we pondered going south as far as Venezuela or summering in Guatamala; but when we got to the Bahamas I started to wonder seriously if there could be any reason for going further. The Bahamas were as wonderful as anything I could imagine...how could anything be better? We eventually made it as far south as the Dominican Republic and would have probably gone further if we'd the time before hurricane season started. People sometimes congratulate us on having made it past George Town, but honestly we really didn't cruise that far off the beaten path. Doing the entire Caribbean, including the coast of Central America up to Mexico, would be true cruising...maybe next time.

The Bahamas, especially the Exumas, were wonderful. The Turks & Caicos were very nice but similar to the Bahamas. The Dominican Republic was a totally different experience, a beautiful adventure.

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