We had told everyone we met coming down the east coast that we weren't planning to return to the Bahamas. After listening to us rave about how much we loved the islands, they didn't believe us...and eventually, neither did we. When we had sailed north out of the Bahamas at the end of May, I had certainly intended to return. Now I kept moving the cursor on the chartplotter to see how far it was to Bimini, and after all the miles we had already come the distance seemed very short indeed. Since we were going to be in south Florida anyway, it seemed silly not to make the short jump across to the islands.

We begin this phase of our trip in Stuart, still thinking that we're going to spend the winter in Florida.

Map: Our tracks coming and going were just about the same, except that we didn't stop at Bimini and went in Government Cut at Miami. Also not shown is all the exploration we did around Staniel and Pipe Creek this year, but you get the idea. Incidentally, you can set up Google to track your waypoints so that anyone can view your actual route online, not that we've done that.

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