By June 2006 we were back from the Bahamas and ready to explore America's east coast.

The famous Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) stretches from the southern tip of Florida to Norfolk, Virginia. Although we skipped the Florida portion of the ICW on our way north, we enjoyed the protected inshore waters north to the Chesapeake all the way to Cape May, New Jersey. After an overnight along the Jersey coast we again entered inshore waters past Manhattan and into Long Island Sound. Although I thought we did well to make it up to Maine, I've since heard that Nova Scotia (just a little ways further) is an unforgettable experience.

Coming south, we enjoyed the Dismal Swamp and managed to see most of the ICW in Florida that we had missed earlier. There were many, many highlights of this portion of the trip, but among them were visiting with old friends, seeing Acadia National Park, and anchoring in Washington, DC.

We open this chapter in our cruise in Ft. Pierce, where we are about to spend a lot of money and still not fix our drive shaft woes.

The map is a screen capture from Google Earth, a most amazing program.

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