The title photo above is from Everglades City, that I have been wanting to use for a while, but now that we've moved on to new places it seems less appropriate. I've been going through the modest collection of photographs from the cruise so far--as of this morning the count was 9,068, well under the 10,000 I have been accused of taking--pulling out my favorites. As I work, I keep finding these things, the titles that never quite made it to prime time. If this website were a DVD of a popular movie, imagine this page as one of the "Extras!" that make you feel like you're getting something new even when you've already seen the movie in the theater (although I will admit that DVD's don't come with movie popcorn, so maybe that's a wash).

Click on each title picture to see the full-size version and read actual commentary from the author/photographer. Then watch the website in the future and see if I get lazy enough to use one or two of these, anyway.

You know, perhaps it's appropriate that this page, even the words you are reading this very moment, may not be my best work. But hey...even Einstein probably locked himself out of the house once in a while. Columbus thought he was in Japan. Apple still won't sell a mouse that will right-click. Me, I'm just like those guys.

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