The Lorelei, circa 1966

We Lings have always been sea-faring types. Starting with a rubber raft in 1965, the Ling fleet at one time or another has included The Lorelei, the 26 foot cabin cruiser pictured above, The LawLing, a 16 foot ski boat now parked in Chattanooga, and two Blue Hole canoes. My father liked sailboats, and was a member of the Bay St. Louis Yacht Club for many years whether or not he happened to own a boat at the time. In 1977 Dad bought us a Sunfish sailboat (kind of like an oversized surfboard with a sail) and we spent an entire summer riding it back and forth just off the beach. In the 1980's he had partnerships in two small sailboats on which we would sometimes embark for an afternoon of drifting and running aground. Sadly, the Mississippi sailing fleet declined until all that was left was a Snark styrofoam sailboat which was decomissioned after a horse ate part of the sail.

In 1999 we purchased a wonderful Chevrolet of the Lake, the Possible Mallard, a 1984 Hunter 25.5. In the summer of 2003, we moved up to a 35 foot S2 35C. In September 2005 we sold our house and moved aboard in preparation for an open-ended cruise. Where are we now? Check our cruising log.

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Title Photograph: The Lorelei, with Lori, Rodger, and Edwin R. Ling Sr. aboard, circa 1966, Bay St. Louis Yacht Club.

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