Margaritas at Ernestos

Gabe Caves

New York, New York

Grandpa, Sue, and Gabe

Phillie 5-K Race (Well, Walk)

Rodger on the Ramp

Lori, Gabe, and Star

A Very Ling Christmas
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...but that's another story entirely. Here are the real headlines:
Annie works hard. Yes, Annie continues in her acclaimed role as a Systems Analyst at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga, where she played a key role in the implementation of Invision, a highly-advanced hospital information system which now controls all of America's defensive and offensive weapons.
Rodger gets an office. Yeah, that's right. A big one, with a penthouse view. The only problem is that he had to leave the Tennessee Aquarium, where baby turtles were imminent, to return to UTC, where he is attempting to implement a post-Aquarium microcomputer support structure. It was a tough decision, and Rodger still can't watch a nature video without a few silent tears.
Before leaving the Aquarium Rodger finished up The Biozone, an Internet-based simulation designed to teach kids how to surf the Net while avoiding food-posioning.
Family members disappear. CECA, one of our most famous cats, and Nancy, that most noble of dogs, vanished without a trace while on routine patrols of the neighborhood. CECA's daughter Achilles, newphew Uncle Theodore, and godmother Skittish remain in residence.
Train leaves station. Accompanied by Ken and Dottie Berry, Annie and Rodger took the Silver Crescent to Philadelphia. Lewis Adler and family saw to their every entertainment need, including the Japanese Karoke Place, where Rodger and Lewis performed "New York, New York" to an appreciative crowd.
Annie takes a vacation. In November the Lings traveled with the Berrys to Cozumel, where reefs full of fish were viewed, underwater caverns on the Yucatan peninsula were explored, and Margaritas were consumed nightly.
Despite predictions, Rodger has yet to fly his hang glider into a tree while logging 84 flights and 40 hours in the air. A high point was a flight to 7,000 feet; another was flying north to Point Park on Lookout Mountain.
Yard work continued with the installation of a patio, water garden, and ditch. Next year Rodger and Annie hope to build on their six acres of bluff property on Lookout Mountain, which by coincidence is close to Lookout Mountain Flight Park.

Photographs (from top): "Post-Margarita Cozumel," "Gabe Goes Caving," "Nueva York, Nueva York," "Grandpa, Soup, and Gabe," "A Grueling 5-K Walk in Phillie", "Rodger on the Ramp," "Gabe, Lori, and Star."

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