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Minutes of the Gallastar Fundraising Board

June 23, 2002

Present: Lorelei Pulliam, Ron Pulliam, Deb Hackett, Helen Cloud, Bob Cloud

The meeting began with an introduction of Gallastar Equine Center by Lorelei and Ron. Handouts were given to each member explaining the mission and history of the Center. At another time when more members are present, videotape will be shown to the Board to further explain this unique program..
The financial needs of the center were also discussed. Although the Pulliams have been providing therapeutic riding for over ten years, it has only been in the last four years that they have received any public or private support. Prior to that, Ron and Lorelei provided all funds. There have never been any paid employees. The Pulliams have always volunteered their services. Last year the United Way designated thirteen thousand dollars to Gallastar. The budget for the past four years has shown that the program needs about a thousand dollars a month to pay for the upkeep on the horses and another three thousand dollars a year to pay for supplies and equipment. This amounts to an average budget of fifteen thousand dollars a year. The money from the United Way and others has always gone for scholarships for the students. That money is what was used for the upkeep of the animals and supplies.
This year in an effort to expand the program, the Pulliams asked for the United Way thirty-five thousand dollars to pay for half of Lorelei's salary and maintain their current level of funding. The United Way designated twenty thousand five hundred dollars for the upcoming fiscal year(June 30-July 1). A stipulation was attached to the contract that a fundraising board would be put in place for Gallastar. That level of funding will not pay for half of Lorelei's salary and benefits, but the Pulliam's decided that they would make the financial sacrifices necessary to make it work. However, the fifteen thousand dollars to run the program still needs to be raised by the newly formed board. The Board was also informed that the United Way does not allow any of its agencies to fundraise during the months of Sept. through December.
Lorelei informed the group that there might be a "fun" horse show at the local Ruritan Club Arena in the fall as a fundraiser. The United Way has given the go ahead to have the horse show. However, the person who originated the idea has not been back in touch about dates or assistance. Lorelei proposed that if such a horse show takes place, we try and capitalize as much as possible with pony rides, a bake sale, silent auction or anything else we can think of. An event like this could at least let the community know that we exist.
Lorelei also had an idea about a special class in the fun show. The proposal would be to have an essay contest from underprivileged children in the community telling why they would like to participate in a horse show. Local businesses and individuals would sponsor the winners for one hundred dollars a child. A special class would be included in the horse show in which the children would compete in an event like a costume class with a leader for each horse. If this was successful, we could expand it to the big money arenas like Keswick or Foxfield and asks sponsors for some big bucks to sponsor a child..
Debbie thought that we should try and get a booth at Foxfield and other local events. This would let folks know who we are and also get some contributions. Gallastar has a presentation board but no brochures.
When the subject of Rita Mae Brown's ball for the Nelson SPCA came up, Helen generously donated the use of her beautiful farm and dance floor to hold an event. The group liked the idea of a Cowboy Ball. This idea will be discussed and expanded further at the next meeting. Debbie suggested that we contact Rita Mae and ask for advice on the finer points of having a ball. This approach might be little more graceful way of getting acquainted with her than just trying to hit her up for money.
Prior to the next meeting: The Pulliams will find our from United Way if we can have the ball in Sept. and look into having a brochure made up for the program. Communication about the next meeting will be via e-mail and needs to be held soon if we are going to fundraise this fall.

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