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Labor Day Regatta

It's Labor Day, 2002 and crews from across the tri-county area have assembled at Sale Creek Marina.

True Blue Crew Huddle

The crew of the Ranger 33 True Blue discuss strategy as the excitement builds.

And They're Off!

Finally, the moment has come and the boats are off, charging forward as fast as the current will take them!

Crew Digs In for Long Battle

It's going to be long, grueling race, and the crew of the Hunter 25.5Possible Mallard, securely in second place, digs in to go the distance.

Mysterious Fog

As the hours drag on and a steady parade of beverages is consumed from Possible Mallard's cooler, a mysterious fogs settles over the boat. When the fog lifts, the Mallard has somehow been passed by two boats!

Maniac, Maniac, everywhere is Maniac!

True Blue's Ace Helmswoman

Banana Split It's Maniac, first over the line...and about an hour or so later, the rest of the boats get there, too. Congratulations to all the racing men and women who pushed their skills, their boats, and their patience to the limit in the Labor Day Regatta 2002!

Race Results

  1. Tim Chambers, J-29 Maniac
  2. David Hoover, Ranger 33 True Blue
  3. David Frye, San Juan 24 Banana Split
  4. Rodger Ling, Hunter 25.5 Possible Mallard
  5. Jeff Fletcher, Morgan 22 Manana
  6. Eric Almlie, O'Day 23 Katzenjammer
  7. Phillip Grimes, Seafarer 22

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