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Chattanoogans for Peace!

This is a photo gallery of some of the scenes from today's peace march from Coolidge Park to Miller Plaza. Despite forecasts of certain rain, around 300 people of all ages, races, and religious beliefs made the trek across the Walnut Street Bridge through downtown in what may have been the largest anti-war protest in the history of our city.

Leaving Coolidge Park Peacemakers at Coolidge Patriot War will kill innocent people. Generations marched together. Larry Ingle speaks. Jefferson quote. One World, One Family--Our children will inherit. I object to violence.  The good is temporary.  The evil is permanent. War is a last resort. The peace symbol is back in style! No evidence?  No war! Mural View 1 Mural View 2 Mural View 3 Have Peace Not Pieces! Love Work.  Consume.  Be Silent and Die.  Or is there something else? Have a Pretzl, George.

For information on future events, e-mail There's also a Yahoo group at Note: If for any reason you don't like your picture being posted here, let me know by e-mailing me and I'll pull it off.


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