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Dear Non-Member of the Club:

A child is slowly starving to death in Malaysia. Tropical rain forests are being slaughtered in Brazil. The world faces nuclear annihilation. And you haven't joined the W Road Cave Fan Club.

Frankly, I'm appalled. Do you think you can close your curtains to the misery of this world, simply click to a new channel when life gets unpleasant? Can you name one thing you've done today to solve the world's problems? Let me ask you two more questions:

If not you, when? If not now, who?

One person can't do much to stop the greenhouse effect. You can't throw yourself on top of a live A-bomb and save your country. If the aliens landed today, you couldn't prevent them from taking over the world. But you can join the W Road Cave Fan Club. Do it for the rain forests. Do it for that starving child. Do it for that girl who's been living up in the tree.

It won't take an act of Congress, or an amendment to the Constitution. Simply fill out the online form today, and feel better tomorrow, knowing you've taken some action.

It really is the least you can do.


"Big Al" Centrella
Director of Membership

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