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Hey, deadbeat!

There's a new face in town, see, and that face is me. And if you don't want this ugly mug breathing down your neck, get off your rear and cough it up.

That's right. It's Kabloona Hour. Time to pay those dues. And if there's one thing I don't want to hear, it's your sorry excuses. Yeah, I've heard 'em all before. Like maybe you didn't know there were dues. Like maybe you don't even remember joining the Club. Har! That's a good one! We had a contract, mister.

Before I got this job, I was a little out of sorts, see. Been kicking around in some funny places, sleeping in rooms with rubber walls and plastic sheets on the beds, playing cards with Jack Nicholson and this big dumb Indian. He's here with me now, see. And if you don't come across, he's gonna stand over you with this big marble sink and foreclose on your face. Get it?

I hope so. Otherwise, you're gonna get it.


"Big Al" Centrella
Director of Membership

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