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Many years ago I was the editor for the Speleonews, a bi-monthly newsletter of the Nashville and Chattanooga grottos of the NSS. There were two constants for every Speleonews editor I had ever known, and I was no exception: (1) we were always months or sometimes years behind schedule, and (2) we always needed more material to publish.

Although I often needed to fill out an issue, it seemed wrong somehow to write things myself, so I took to editorializing under the pen name of one "H.T. Owens," a "wandering hydrologist." There was nothing original with this plan (indeed I had stolen the concept from a certain "P.U. Guano" of the Huntsville Grotto Newsletter and even the name H.T. Owens I had gotten from an old friend).

Here are some of the essays I wrote under my own name.

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