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Ban the Bonfire?

This was written back in 1997, back when I used to get in arguments over the size of bonfires. I'm not sure if the TAG bonfire is as large as it used to be or not, but in 1997 I saw two eighteen-wheeler loads of wood being unloaded at Sequoyah Caverns and this page was the result. Please note: I am not anti-TAG Cave-In and present this mostly for historical interest.

Since 1997, I can't say whether the TAG bonfire has gotten any smaller but the TAG Cave-In itself has matured in many ways, not the least of which is that it now provides a major source of funding for many caving and conservation projects, including the beloved Southeastern Cave Conservancy.

Whether or not the fire is still too big, I applaud those who took the vision of the TAG Cave-In as more than just a social event forward.

In any case, here's what I wrote at the time.

Is a night of glory for a few pyromaniacs worth it? Would people stop coming to the party if the bonfire was a more reasonable size?

I find it fascinating the the guestbook I used to record comments is still functioning as of November 2011!

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