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It's been ten years or more since I've done a sportingly wet multi-drop, but every time I drive the W Road up Signal Mountain on a foggy night and see the wet rock in the beams of my headlights I can't help but remember Guys Cave. Sometimes I still lie awake at night and give myself shivers thinking about the ledges around the top of Surprise Pit, about inching forward on a belly crawl of a ledge with your arm hanging over 400 feet of blackness. I can still close my eyes and see the water rushing over the flowstone and down the Bolt Drop in Fern, just as it has done thousands of years, just as it is doing even at this moment.

Clearly I'm being self-indulgent in publishing these relatively insignificant stories now, but every once in a while someone will write to tell me they've enjoyed reading these things, and apparently that's encouragement enough.

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